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The Caylus group has been meeting regularly for over 20 years. We meet in each other's houses, in and around the Caylus area, at 10.30 a.m. on the first Monday of each month for Holy Communion, and at the same time on the third Monday of each month for Morning Prayer.


Upcoming events in Caylus
Date Time Event
Monday 18th December 10h30 Morning Prayer
Sunday 4th December 10h30 Holy Communion, Revd Stephen Goodwin


At this time we have a vacancy for a Chaplain.

Our Assistant Chaplain, Revd June Hutchinson can be contacted on 05 65 21 68 52 or by email from our contact page, however please respect her days off, Tuesday & Thursday .

For further information about services and other activities, please make contact with Ted Ford on 05 65 29 46 01.


82160 Caylus