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We have been worshipping in the Tarn since 2004 and in Brens since 2009. brens-egliseOur regular services are all held at 11.00 am followed by coffee, and we also have regular social events where everyone is welcome. Come and join us and be part of our growing congregation.

We hold Holy Communion services on the 1st and 3rd Sunday, and Morning Prayer on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of each month.


Upcoming events in Brens
Date Time Event
Sunday 25th February 11h00 Morning Prayer, Revd June Hutchinson
Sunday 4th March 11h00 Holy Communion, Revd June Hutchinson
Sunday 11th March 11h00 Mothering Sunday, Peter Gibbs
Sunday 18th March 11h00 Holy Communion, Revd Dan Langdon Griffiths
Sunday 18th March 12h00 Tarn AGM
Sunday 25th March 11h00 Palm Sunday, Malcolm Rigley
Friday 30th March 11h00 Good Friday, Revd Dan Langdon Griffiths


Weekly Notices

Sunday 25th February - 11h00 - Morning Prayer led by Revd June Hutchinson

The Second Sunday of Lent

The Readings are:-

Genesis 17:1-7,15,16
Psalm 22:23-31
Romans 4:13-25
Mark 8:31-38


The Collect is:

Almighty God,
you show to those who are in error the light of your truth,
that they may return to the way of righteousness:
grant to all those who are admitted
into the fellowship of Christ’s religion,
that they may reject those things
that are contrary to their profession,
and follow all such things as are agreeable to the same;
through our Lord Jesus Christ,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Sunday 4th March - 11h00 - Holy Communion celebrated by Revd June Hutchinson


prayer-requestPrayer is an important part of our Christian lives: it unites us as a body. Here are some suggestions for private prayer.If you have a prayer request for yourself or for someone else, with or without a name or details, please contact: Judith Nield : 05 63 60 25 18 or Robin Johnston : 05 63 33 12 76

  • For Revd Dan Langdon Griffith, whos is leading us in his first service this Sunday.
  • For everyone who is cold, hungry, and wet.
  • For all we know who are ill, suffering or dying.
  • For all men who are discriminated against.
Lent Group

This years sessions will be based on chapters of The Life You’ve Always Wanted - spiritual disciplines for ordinary people by John Ortberg.

It will be a four week course starting the second Monday in Lent and carrying on to the Monday of Holy Week. All sessions will start at 11h00 and will be followed by a frugal lunch.

26th February Judith Nield - The Practice of Prayer chez Nield

5th March Robin Johnston - The Practice of Servanthood chez Johnston

12th March Tricia Launders - The Experience of Suffering chez Launders

19th March Richard Nield - The Practice of Reflection on Scripture chez Nield.

Thursday 1st March - 19h30 - St David’s Day Dinner

Our latest pop up restaurant will be at Val Abnett’s new home in Castres, where she is inviting us to have a dinner of Welsh dishes or ones with Welsh associations.

Please sign up as soon as possible or phone Val on 05 63 98 67 57.

Sunday 8th April - 18h00 - Puycelsi Spring Concert

Firstly, may we thank everyone who has supported us either as singers or in the audience for the last 11 years and indeed hopefully will continue to do so.

As a result of the money you have helped us raise and the work it has enabled us to undertake we have just had news that the church has been listed. This will open the door to much greater state funding and hopefully the work will finish before we are!

Secondly, this year’s Spring concert will be Gounod’ s Solemn Mass for St Cecile and Fauré’s Madrigal.

Tickets are priced 15€ for adults and students and children under 18. Children under 12 free.

Saturday 14th July 18h00 - Concert in the Park -advance notice

Place this in you diaries now, tickets always sell out quickly. As usual it is being held Chez Howes.

Tickets are already available get yours now!


WAMI is the Women and Men’s Institute and is held roughly once a month; each person pays a regular participation fee of 5 euros per workshop plus more when specific expenses are incurred. As you will see below, they cover many interesting topics throughout the year.

March 17th 11h00

Chez Howes, Anais will help us all do Easter nests with bulbs which can be planted out in the garden afterwards.

April 14th 11h00

Chez Howes, Robin Johnston’s Crazy Games. Robin will be teaching a variety of games and leading us in directions we never thought possible.

May 16th 10h00

There will be a repeat of the Resistance Tour with Elyse for anyone who is interested – either those who could not make it last year or who want to do it again. The tour will be followed by a meal in an Italien restaurant.

June 5th 10h00

This will be a Renaissance tour of Toulouse and the Pastel trade. It is proposed that there will be an Indian meal afterwards.

There is a suggestion that those of us who are interested will go to visits Mediterranean vineyards in either April or May. This will involve an overnight stay. If you are interested, please contact Edith as soon as possible.

We normally start with hymn practice at 11h00; followed by lunch at 12h00 and the actual meeting begins at 14h00.

Food for Restos du Cœur to give to others

Please remember we collect every week for Restos du Coeur. There is a container in the Presbytery for donations. Also, please volunteer for the rota to take our donations to Restos du Coeur. Their office is near Gaillac railway station.

They really appreciate our gifts and have said could we possibly consider giving cleaning materials for humans and habitats!  Please leave your donation in the container in the Presbytery



Take a book from our shelves of nearly new books. We suggest that you put €2.00 for hardbacks and €1.00 for paperbacks in the coffee basket.


We have just started a DVD library. Please bring us your unwanted ones and put them in the cupboard behind the door. Price 2.00€ each, credit of 1.00 € when you return them.

Coffee Fund

We use the coffee fund to replenish the supplies but principally it is to help others in need and occasionally ourselves.



The Safeguarding Officer for Brens is  Peter Gibbs on 05 63 57 24 47, for further information on the Chaplaincy Safeguarding Policy visit our Safeguarding page.



L'Eglise St. Eugène, Côté de l'Eglise, 81600 Brens

Brens is to the south of the river outside Gaillac.

GPS co-ordinates: 43° 53.344′ N  1° 54.464′ E


Our Chaplain, Revd Dan Langdon-Griffiths can be contacted on 05 63 42 04 29 or by email from our contact page.

Our Assistant Chaplain, Revd June Hutchinson can be contacted on 05 65 21 68 52 or by email from our contact page, however please respect her days off, Tuesday & Thursday .

Our Licensed Reader is Peter Gibbs on 05 63 57 24 47.

For further information about services and other activities, please contact the local churchwarden Tricia Launders on 05 63 40 69 85.

L'Eglise St. Eugène

Côté de l'Eglise

81600 Brens