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  • We commit our church community to supporting our families in the nurture and protection of our children, young people and vulnerable adults.
  • We recognise that our work with children, young people and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the whole church community.
  • We are committed to implementing the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy - "The Care and Protection of Children".
  • We undertake to select all our workers with care, to support them and to provide training for them.
  • We undertake to receive any complaints seriously and respond to them promptly.
  • We will review this policy annually.
Local Safeguarding Officers
  • Alet les Bains
    Margaret Snow
    04 68 49 43 47
  • Brens
    Peter Gibbs
    05 63 57 24 47
  • Cahors
    Allan Chinnery
    05 65 22 97 89
  • Toulouse
    Debbie Alder
    05 61 78 99 13
  • Vayrac
    Jill Pauling
    05 65 40 15 89



Safeguarding in the Diocese of Europe: Further Information

The Chaplaincy Safeguarding Officer is Margaret Cross on 05 63 94 47 15

The Diocesan Safeguarding Manager is Ian Carter: contact him by e-mail here.
The Assistant Safeguarding Manager is Tola Akinde-Hummel: contact her by e-mail here.
The Safeguarding Administrators are Mona Sathyadevan, contact her by e-mail here. and Majean Stanley, contact her by email here.