your baby’s


We are delighted that you are asking about Baptism for your baby. (Sometimes known as Christening). We can help you prepare for one of the most important days in your baby’s life.

Can my baby be baptised?

Yes, of course! Baptism is open to everyone and it costs nothing.
If you would like to know more speak to a member of the Ministry Team, who will advise you on what you need to do before a Service of Baptism takes place.

BaptismWhen and Where?

Baptism is normally part of the Sunday church service where your baby will be welcomed into the Christian Family. It is possible to use other churches but we will need the permission of the local Catholic priest or Reformed Church pastor.



What about Godparents?

GodparentsGodparents and parents make promises for the baby, and for themselves, to help the children grow in the Christian faith. They should all have been baptised, and they are normally always adults. Godparents should be chosen because they will be there to help and support them appropriately.

How do we apply?

When you are ready to apply please download and complete the application form.


This must be completed at least 4 months prior to the requested date of the church ceremony in order to ensure that the Minister and the church building are available and all the formalities completed.


Please contact us at Baptism Enquiries.