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The Chaplaincy is delighted to welcome Rev. Clive Jobbins on a six week placement working with our Chaplain, Dan.

clive jobbinsClive is an SSM (Self supporting) Curate currently serving in his training post in the Diocese of Exeter. He is coming to us in order to experience ministry in a different context, and we can certainly offer him that! During his time with us Clive will be joining Dan as he travels around the chaplaincy, and will be leading Holy Communion services in Brens and Valence d’Agen on Easter Sunday.

Clive writes a little about himself below, but a general warning to those who meet him; he shares Rev. Dan’s sense of humour and love of Curry!

We know you will show him a warm welcome.


J Clive Jobbins: From There to Here

My Background is pretty varied, but it has been certainly interesting involving a time in the British Army with the Parachute Regiment, then many years running my own business in PR and Press Consultancy, and finally retraining as an Archaeologist at Bournemouth University whilst I was living with the Friars in a Monastery near there. It is there I really began my academic studies at degree level in my late-fifties, with an Archaeology BSc (Hons) Degree going on to do a Masters in Spirituality at Winchester. I am currently half way through an Archaeological PhD in the almost “inconceivable” subject of angels. From their sources, arguably, in the Persian and Assyrian/Egyptian flying divines to the Roman Victories as they morphed into the early medieval angels—mostly now portrayed to us in the form we know as the Greek Nike format. This study is researched from, where possible, the literary and archaeological finds, and, later paintings, though these are obviously less reliable as they are much later contributions.

As a child my parents often had missionaries staying with them and so I was lucky to be brought up in a Christian home where the things of God were invariably discussed with passion, and the word “Miracle” became, certainly not common place, but regularly discussed. Since 2000 I had been taking my call and passion for the scriptures more seriously studying at St John’s Theological College and Nottingham University part time (whilst still working in PR), on Theology, Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and, even Egyptian Hieroglyph modules, though now much of it is forgotten. My involvement in past churches has included High Church Cathedral style worship, Anglo-Catholic, liberal, and, Evangelical Charismatic. And that is the glorious breadth of Anglicanism.

At 71 years of age, I am coming up to my last year’s Curacy and as part of my final year have to do a Placement. To help in this I asked Fr Dan if he could facilitate this request. My parents lived in the Ardeche almost 30 years and so over many years I was often in and out of France with my wife and Children. They all learnt to ski much faster than the old boy “Dad” ever could on those slopes, but it was always good fun. My love for France has never left me since the earliest days as a small child when my First World War Grandfather used to speak the French language to me in his old age. Chaplaincy work has always intrigued and been endearing to me. I have in the past assisted in Chaplaincy work for the Army when I was an Anglican Reader and, for Bournemouth University to the Master’s students. It is always very satisfying and rewarding. But in all this background, I have found one mantra that applies perfectly, and is “usually” attributed to St Francis. Paraphrasing: “Preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words!”

May I say that I am really looking forward to meeting you all soon and serving you, and thank you for this opportunity.

J. Clive Jobbins

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