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Dear friends,

The day has finally arrived! I am at last able to join you in this beautiful part of France as we explore together what it means to be members of Christ's church in this place.

The last few months have been very full for me as I've ministered with some wonderful folks in Monaco, some of whom I hope may make it to the Licensing service in Cornebarrieu on the 3rd of February. As such, my excitement and anticipation at joining you have necessarily been held in abatement until I could really begin to enjoy the prospect. Finally, over the last few weeks as I have taken steps to make the move practically I have found myself feeling deep and building joy at taking up this new role as your chaplain.

I understand that you have had a long wait inthe period of vacancy, and I'm sure that like me you will find the next few weeks a time of excitement, and maybe even a little frustration as we look forward with anticipation to the official licensing of this new ministry, but in the mean time George (my four-legged companion) and I will be doing our best to meet as many of you as possible and to visit as many parts of the chaplaincy as time permits.

Thanks to those who have already extended such a warm welcome, and to all the many people who have had a hand in ensuring the good running of the chaplaincy during the vacancy, and who have worked and prayed for the appointment process which has allowed us to finally arrive at this point together.

Some things to help you get to know me a little better:-

My favourite hobbies - Flying small planes and talking to my dog George, he understands everything but is strong willed and so disagrees a lot.

My Favourite Food - Indian, or anything hot!

Things I can't stand - shellfish,and raw tomatoes (though oddly other fish and ketchup are okay!)

Favourite bible verse - John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

My family includes - My girlfriend Christel (half French and also a priest currently working in Liverpool) and her two boys Sam (12) and Luke (10) and of course, George.

Until we meet in person, please be assured of my prayers, and good wishes for all of you in our excellent chaplaincy.

With every blessing,


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