Notice of 2019 Annual Chaplaincy Meeting

Sunday 28th April 2019 at 11:00 am in Vayrac

The Annual Chaplaincy Meeting and the associated meetings of our Association Cultuelle and Association Caritative will take place at our worship centre in Vayrac, La Salle Paroissiale, Avenue de Brive, 46110 Vayrac.

Copies of the official notices may be downloaded by clicking here

It is possible to book a place for lunch following the meetings. Details of how to book will be announced at all Chaplaincy services.

Eligibility to Vote and Postal Voting Arrangements

All members of the Chaplaincy Electoral Roll are eligible to attend and vote at this meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, in this Chaplaincy, under our 'Scheme' introduced in 2018, you may apply for a postal vote in case any matter arises which requires a ballot to be held. If any such matter arises, you will be sent, by post, voting papers to the address that you specify.

You may apply online for a postal vote by clicking here by not later than 23:59 hrs on Saturday 27th April 2019. Each person eligible for a postal vote must make a separate application using the online form.  Paper copies of the form will be available at all chaplaincy services on 14 and 21 April 2019.

Details of postal vote applications are not held on any mailing list, will be retained in accordance with the Chaplaincy's policies on Data Privacy and are only valid for the 2019 meetings. This data will be deleted on or shortly after 30 July 2019.
A fresh application for a postal vote is required every year.

 It is now possible to download .PDF versions of the Annual Accounts of the Chaplaincy for 2018 and also a statement of the donations made via our Charity Association - MP-AID

Click here to download the 2018 Annual Accounts

Click here to download a copy of the MP-AID 2018 Statement

Other copies of reports for the meeting will be published here shortly. Please keep checking back regularly.

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